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We are a popular tourist attraction for both local and international travelers.

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Welcome to Revack Highland Estate

Revack Highland Estate is a well-known tourist attraction with beautiful scenery and an abundance of things to enjoy for all ages. Located in Cairngorms National Park, we have a thriving 350-acre local estate and adventure park with a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors to enjoy.

Revack Highland Estate is a year-round destination with plenty of activities and sceneries to explore. We offer a fine dining restaurant, sit-down café, and an overnight lodge to enjoy the stay. We are known for the popular winter activities that include biking, walking, and a host of more.

Revack Highland Estate is an active attraction in the area of the Cairngorms National Park with plenty to do and enjoy. The estate is a great destination for families. We hold many annual activities and events for visitors to look forward to and much more throughout the year.

We invite you to visit and watch the hundreds of woodland animals play as you sip coffee and indulge some of our delicious cakes. Take a walk into the pine woods of the estate and bathe in the amazing views of the Cairngorm National Park. The private estate invites you to enjoy the beautiful café with luxury dining.

Here at Revack Highland Estate, we share a passion for the Highlands and are committed to providing our visitors with the best experience and excellent service to enjoy the natural wonders of Scotland. We provide excellent service that is defined by passion, experience, and attention to detail.

Enjoy quality birth watching? This lovely estate is ideal for bird watching as we offer one of the most inspiring ranges of wilderness experiences in the most remote regions of the Highlands of Scotland. Our staff is ready to welcome you as you enjoy your stay with us.