4 Reasons Why More Families Are Moving to Cairngorms for the Scottish Culture

With the big rush of families flocking to the Cairngorms, it’s no wonder why. The Cairngorms have plenty of inspiration and adventures to explore. From the Cairngorms Mountain to the Lock Morlich, you can benefit from the fantastic wildlife in the mountain region.

With the great transport links and digital connectivity, it’s no wonder why many families are simply moving to the Cairngorms. More families are falling for more that the natural environment but also for the lifestyle and culture.

Here are 4 reasons why more families are moving to the Cairngorms for the Scottish culture.

Unlimited Sights

The Cairngorms National Park offers something for every family and adventurer. Visitors and locals of all ages can take advantage of the area by going for a hike, kayaking, going on a canoe, and even relaxed hikes around the park. The quiet mountains and roads through the field and forests make it hard to say no.

Plenty of Estates to Visit

The estates around the Cairngorms National Park provide a great opportunity to explore the area. There are plenty of places to explore to get a better view of the scenic national park.

Explore the Cuisine

As the Cairngorms is a tourist destination with a scenic view, there are plenty of quality cafes to explore around the national park. Visiting the Aviemore is more than the views as many heads over to grab a slice from their famous cake display. If your family is looking for delicious scones and healthy brownies, the Druie is the place to go and you will never leave disappointed.

Highland Factories

Once you’ve visited all of the walks, forests, and cafes, why not check out the Speyside Cooperage? Have a tour of the factory to watch the craftsmen doing what they do best. You will also be given the chance to make a barrel yourself for a hands-on experience. There are also other places to visit like the Wooden Tom which offers woodwork courses and the Cairngorm Brewery where you can get a taste of their famous mixtures.

With great transportation and plenty to do in the area, who wouldn’t want to move to the Cairngorms! If you’re still looking for help and ideas of what to do near the Cairngorms National Park, comment below and let us know!